I work in analog photocollage where fragments of images, carefully cut from contemporary and vintage magazines, intertwine themselves with antique photographs and period illustrations. I am visually intrigued by the past: I look for forgotten images and I take them back to the present. After a passionate hunt for the sources, I cut out different figures leaving behind their original meaning and context. My attention is then focused on the composition and on the correct representation of the light source, tools that allow me to tell stories focused on the inner world of the characters that I choose.

Collage could be intended as a metaphor for dreams as the process is the same: we take from reality the pieces we want and we recombine them in stories with a new, personal meaning. From the chaos of my studio, where the floor is covered by clippings, with a concentration that makes me lose perception of time, I try different associations moving towards a new meaning that comes out from the union of disparate elements.

In my photo collages one or two main characters suggest a plot, which is not explained but suggested by the title. Mounted as three-dimensional paper sculpture, the images are supported by cardboard of different thickness to allow the perception of depth. Framed on a white background, the collage seems to fly alone, the shadow cast isolates it from the rest of the world. They tell the stories of inner worlds, thoughts and fantasies. They are my projections and interpretations of the other person, a metaphor for the work of the psychologist, where the unconscious minds meet to find a new form of expression.


Francesca Belgiojoso (Milano, 1980) is a psychotherapist and collage artist. Through free associations, she tells new stories between art and psychology. Her background as a psychotherapist emerges in her artistic practice: through her collages she retrieves the memory of society linking the past to the present, connecting archetypes of ancient figures with our contemporary mind.

Represented by EstartGallery in Pietrasanta, she lives and work in Milano, Italy.


1999 High School Diploma in Art, Milano.

2004 Doctorate in Psychology, graduation at Cattolica University of Milano

2004 - 2007 Researcher at University of Bologna for the International Association for art and Psychology

2007 - 2008 Assistant of David Alan Harvey, Magnum photographer, New York

2008 - 2012 Psychotherapist, diploma at Minotauro, specialization in psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults

2012 - 2015 Psychotherapist at Studio ArteCrescita, Milano. Specialized in the use of photography in the clinical practice



Let Your Body Steal The Show at EstartGallery c/o The Others Art Fair, 2015, Torino

And We’ll Get Lost Together, EstartGallery Pietrasanta, 2015, Tuscany

Interiors hosted by Gattarossa Art, 2015, Piombino

Interiors hosted by Silvia Giusti Antiquary, 5vie Art+design district during the design week, 2015, Milano

Interiors, curated by Teresa Francesca Giffone at Mirror Art Gallery, 2015, Vicenza

Free Associations, installation at Chiesa della Maddalena, 2014, Pesaro

Ottavia Hiddenart at Perugia Social Photo Fest, 2013, Perugia



Dolly – Multiplo Contemporaneo at Circoloquadro Art Gallery, 2014, Milano

14/14 | Modernity’s First Century curated by Georgios Vogiatzakis, at PLASMA - Plastic Modern Art, 2014, Milano

Statements 2013.2 curated by Ivan Quaroni at Circoloquadro Art Gallery, 2013, Milano

50 Artisti per un Museo at Museum MITT, 2013, Torino

Rewind at Oratorio De’ Disciplinati, 2013, Finalborgo, Finale Ligure

PostQards curated by Marta Cereda at Circoloquadro Art Gallery, 2013, Milano